Homes For Special Care 
In 1996, Lorraine Fraser and her husband Ron Walker began their Homes for Special Care (HSC) venture with the initial purchase of  Milner Residence, an existing 8-bed HSC home operating in Strathroy, Ontario.

In 2004, Lorraine and Ron decided to expand their business when an ideal family home in a quiet residential area of London became available. Lorraine developed and opened a second 8-bed HSC home at this location, Viscount Residence.  

Lorraine Fraser, director of the homes, has many years of experience in the mental health field, having worked in this area since 1992.   

At our Milner and Viscount Homes for Special Care, we provide 24 hour care; healthy, well-balanced meals; a clean, safe environment; medication assistance and help with activities of daily living if required. 

By providing a safe, nurturing, home-like environment at our homes, our tenants feel comfortable and secure. Our residents are encouraged to work towards maintaining their life skills and independence, while integrating within the communities in which they live. 

Staff at our Residences are well trained, compassionate and conscientious. They are criminal record checked and hold First Aid and CPR certificates. 

Lorraine Fraser, Director of our Homes for Special Care Residences

Viscount Residence live-in family house managers